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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Classic

The Air I Breathe 720p HD

"A drama based on an ancient Chinese proverb that breaks life down into four emotional cornerstones: happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love. A businessman (Whitaker) bets his life on a horse race; a gangster (Fraser) sees the future; a pop star (Gellar) falls prey to a crime boss (Garcia); a doctor (Bacon) must save the love of his life." (IMDb)
When I first started this movie last nite, I honestly felt like I was watching a Crash spinoff; All in all it reminded me so much of Crash, and it was an excellent film. I wouldn't recommend it to any friends of mine, due to it's graphic nature, but if you happen to stumble upon this film, you won't be dissappointed.
720p HD
I give it 4.5 out of 5. By the way, like always, it looks spectacular in HD.
IMDb gave it an 8.0/10.


I saw an HD version of this low-budget film, which I haven't watched in a while, and I had to jump on it. Equilibrium takes place in a future where emotion has been eradicated by a drug, administered from the corrupt government. Rebel groups who possess "emotional content", ranging from art to music, are eradicated as well. Until, a cleric inside the killing force slips up on his drug and slowly sways toward his emotions and against the corruption.
Christian Bale (Batman Begins) stars along side Taye Diggs in this high-action/low-budget flick from 2002. In fact, the film budget was so low, that the narrating voice in the intro is actually the director, Kurt Wimmer. Although, it was nominated the American Choreography Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fight Choreography...and the PFCS Award for Overlooked Film of the Year.
I gave it a 4.0 out of 5 just because I love the action choreography, but from a film critic point of view, I'd have to give it a 3.6.
I have it in 720p HD
IMDb gave it a 7.8/10.

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