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Friday, October 3, 2008

Disgustingly Disgusting.

WE Colt MK IV 
So tonight, I came home, and my neighbor intercepted me saying that she had a couple packages come in today.  (oh yeah!) It's always an awesome feeling when you get a package, especially a box, in the mail.  Well, I got two tonight, two yesterday, one on wednesday, and one on monday, and I have one coming in either tomorrow or Monday, so this is one of those "I feel so special, I must be spoiled" weeks, which never happens.

Anyway, tonight was the Evike.com order.  The guns.  I had ordered a Wilson Combat CQB Elite Colt, but after reading reviews, decided to cancel it.  Instead, I had bought the solid competition gun, the Colt Mk.IV plus some green gas. Au contraire, evike I suppose, made a "slight" mistake like I thought (hoped) they would.....and sent me both guns plus the gas.  I was delighted to say the least. :D

I proceeded to open the package No.1 and found the Wilson Combat Colt, and instantly was dissapointed they had sent me the "wrong" one, assuming the other box was the gas. Nope; they also threw in a UTG soft pistol case, in which I can fit all of my 4 [hi-power] pistols in. (It also perfectly fits my 6 magazines for the guns.  Impressed, but not surprised, I was.
WE Wilson Combat Colt

Loading the WCC, however, was quite impractical for the field, but doable if no rush needed.  the inner cavity for the gas reciever on the bottom of the mag was deep, so WC provided an extension piece to place between the gas bottle nozzle and the mag's gas reciever.  And, it's a small easily lost piece if not careful, so I have to make sure to find a good spot for it, and fill the mags before going out.  

The Wilson Combat CQB Colt is absolutely gorgeous (yeah, I know I said it) and is a very solid and fast-firing gun.  Here is what I observed so far: 

-Blowback is strong
-Accuracy is unarguable 
-tactical 3-dot sights
-laser/light rail integrated into the frame
-two 15-round mags included
-sounds, feels, looks amazing with engraved "Wilson Combat" and "CQB Elite" on either side of the slide
-tactical slide grips on front
-excellent balanced weight
-good power
-unacceptable price - (even though I didn't have to pay for it) $150
--2.5/5 stars so far, because internal parts broke and that shouldn't happen with a 150 dollar gun :(
So the Wilson broke, but I already had ordered a new slide before it did, and got to slip it on and she shoots perfectly and looks even better now. problem solved.

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