"I am anonymous in this world, a variable...X...in this equation; Unknown, I am...the X Faktor."

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Hit List

  • I realized that a brand new computer with Vista 64-bit can't beat a laptop with 8gigs of space left to waking up from standby.
  • Can't find disc one for F.E.A.R.
  • Half-Life 2 doesn't work on Vista x64
  • USB doesn't work.
  • Bluetooth doesn't work.
  • Internet doesn't work.
  • I am sitting here trying to download a USB patch that's 385Kbs and it's at 46%....but it's been there for over 2 minutes…yeah, it's downloading at 753 BYTES/second!
  • Why me?

It's time to put her down.

I hope you find all of this exquisitely humorous.

The last thing it did was let out a long loud beep, and that's when I decided to silence this menace before it let out any more vulgarities.

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