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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Internal Combustion.

My laptop is still freakin' tweakin'. I'm scanning the monkey poo out of it. Doubt I'll find anything though. Not really sure how to get to System Restore without Explorer...dang.

I'm like my gaming computer. I got a Quad-Core processor (in the way that i can do a lot of things at once). I have ann X-Fi card installed (i love surround sound, and won't go w/o it!). But, I'm obviously running Windows because of all of the friggin mistakes I make.

I just bought GRAW 2 from my trusty GameStop, thanks Josh. It's probably the first game that works at high-res with max everything perfectly right outta the box. I am really surprised with this game. High FPS with these specs.

But, one question....Where in the world are the health pickups?! Why does this have to be such a "2 shots-and-you're-dead" Tom Clancy game?! Dang.

Running it at:
-1680 x 1050
-16x Anisotropic filtering
-High texture quality
-high post effects
-high dynamic shadows
-high effects quality

-Extreme Quality
-SB X-Fi
-EAX 5.1 Surround

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