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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fun Stuff.

I just got Need For Speed Pro Street overnite. It's pretty sick, running it at max resolution and max everything else and it's getting some great FPS.

I also just got Call of Duty 4 and got the no-dvd crack so I can use it without the disk, which semi-pisses me off because I bought Dual layer DVD's just so I could burn images of the games, but apparently, I won't need them. Just for back ups because the game disc gets scratched easily.

COD4 is one of the sickest games around, which is why I now have it for PC as well as 360. It looks amazing in HD. (1680 X 1050) And it plays awesomely with all effects and everything at maximum. (4x Anti-Aliasing) Very sweet indeed.

Also finished obtaining the Spongebob collection. woot woot

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