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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"New Beginnings"

Update on the funstuff goin on around here:
-Adobe Lightroom, which is pretty sweet.
-Spongebob Season 2 and the Karate Island Movie
-The Fifth Element...big mistake.
-Aeon Flux.....big hoorah!
-WAR in 720p HD format...woohoo! my first HD movie on this comp.
-On the 29th, I went to sleep at 6:20am on the 30th because I had just finished Pirates 3, then I felt compelled (at 5:30am) to get in the shower....woke up at 10am. sucky.
-Waiting for my box to come so I can send my 'Box out for repair.
-Still have that "Walking Pneumonia" cough.
-Already broke my New Year's resolution.
FDS on the way!

I bought 3 things off eBay around Nov. 17th and 2/3 have arrived. It is Jan 2nd....where's my 3rd package??!
Annnnd, I ordered some Dual Layer DVD's + The Bourne Ultimatum Special Ed. :P from BestBuy like 4 days ago....where's my package??!
oh, and 2008 symbolizes new beginnings to me. that's all.

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