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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Downs & Ups

Yep, so it's been announced (last year) that the upcoming FPS, Haze has been pulled from Xbox 360 & PC release, leaving only a PS3-exclusive version. :(I wasn't happy...at all.

But, to make me feel better:

-Anyone who knows anything about great FPS games knows that Haze is obviously a Crysis knockoff...and nobody likes knockoffs, so Playstation can keep their fakes. :P

-Besides, FarCry 2 is on it's way, I believe in May...and that shall not dissapoint, considering that it should implement the new CryEngine2 first used in Crysis and should have everything Crysis had plus upgrades. (So I assume, it would make sense) lol.

Some nice screens from Far Cry 2 below. Good skies, textures, foliage, assuming DX10.

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