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Friday, February 8, 2008

Vista SP1 is Here!

Yeah, so I got the RTM, (Release to Manufacturer) and I attempted to install it, but it failed halfway thru, and well, I was to say the least pissed. I was interested to know what SP1 had in store, but looks like I'll just have to wait till March to get a copy. :(

That's ridiculous! I have the RTM right-friggin-here! Whatever.

In other Microsoft news, Bill Gates' hatemail inbox is full due to all of the angry Xbox 360 customers that had defective consoles. Boohoo, get over it, send it back, and deal with it. Or just buy a PS3.

By the way, Crysis is still the most fridiculously awesome shooter ever to grace mankind. Just wanted to update you on the leaderboards. (Crysis leads in 1st - 5th places)

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