"I am anonymous in this world, a variable...X...in this equation; Unknown, I am...the X Faktor."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


As the cliche goes, "go with your first instinct", I believe I may finally go with it this time.  All my life I've had so many instances where I regretted neglecting my first instinct.

My instinct and mind are independent things.
There are two instances with countereffects between Fruition and Failure:

Instinct>>>>Complementary Action = Fruition

Instinct>>>>Thought Process>>>>Delay/Doubt>>>>No Action/Clouded Reaction = Possible Failure

It's simple to look and see on paper that the first option is generally the best, but when faced with real-life situations, applying this concept becomes more difficult than one would think.

Out on a limb, with faith, and God guiding me; that is where He wants me.  Full trust.  And I believe, that first instinct comes from God, and all that follow are from your clouded consciousness.

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