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Monday, January 28, 2008

SLI Fixed and Crysis Screens

Click it to see the awesome DirectX10 graphix I experience.

Well, I finally got the SLI fixed on the comp, and it works beautifully and seamlessly. The SLI messed up and would "tear" horizontal lines in the screen whenever a game was run in fullscreen. So, I updated the ForceWare version from 169.13 to 169.25, and now it's beautiful. :) I am satisfied. But, I love those awesome God Rays in Crysis, they look so tight, but I can usually only get like 11FPS with the effects up that high, :( But Crysis actually looks and feels better at low framerate. There are games that feel like crap at 9-15FPS, but not Crysis. And it's sweet how I can change 99% of the video options ingame without restarting the level. (With the exception of the 1%, Objects quality.)
Click 'em!

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