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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Week In The Life Of Me.

January 21st to the 27th.
One heck of a week.

  • Went to work and this chick thought I liked her just because I talk to her....(and other people)
  • Went to a china buffet with my buddies. :)


  • College starts again at Brookdale (stalk me, it'll be fun)
  • I find out my English teacher is gay...and there's no way I'm gonna call him "Professor"


  • Work sucks, as usual...but is suddenly getting interesting due to recent events.
  • Film Appretiation class rules!!

  • Downloaded and watched Yojimbo, a Japanese Samurai western, very good. :) 1960's


  • My girlfriend and I: our 8-month anniversary. I sent her a sweet little voicemail. :)

  • I have two friggin' Biology classes...good teachers though.


  • Went to work, got hit on like crazy by this other chick, then she said I'm hot. I was kinda sorry I couldn't say the same for her. OHHHH!!, lol, (such a dork)

  • Then, after work, I friggin' saw friggin' double friggin' RAMBO!!!....and I got a shirt from it too. ;)


  • Work: more and more getting hit on. This chick realizes I'm not moving the pieces anywhere in her game, so she decided to put me in an awkward situation. CHECK!, and she asked me out. So, I pushed her off to some other dude. That seemed to work pretty well.

  • Then, I saw the other girl, Daisy, and she took my phone and punched her number in it. That was cute. But, I made it known I have a wonderful woman. :) Kaput. hehe


  • I went to work around 1:20pm to get some wrapping paper for this b-day party for the neighbors. AND SHE WAS THERE. She doesn't even work there on Sundays! But she, Brit, came in with her friend to "show her the hot guy" she met. So, that was awkward...especially when she wouldn't leave, and she just waited for me when I was talking to my co-workers. I told her I had a party to go to. And that was that, until Friday when she'll be there again. lol

And off to another week.

My life is so tight.

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